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Refractory and Design Holdings (Pvt) Limited, incorporated in 2018 is the parent company of Refractory and Design (Pvt) Ltd a wholly owned Zimbabwean indigenous company which was incorporated in 1992. The company's main focus and thrust is

  • refractory construction

  • refractory installations in pyro-metallurgical industries

  • supply of monolithic

  • supply of refractory bricks

  • service contracts and manufacturing of refractory castables

  • Labour brokering and consultancy services are also offered as part of our service offering for retaining of refractories. We are also suppliers and installers of anchor systems and low-cost incinerators.

Headquartered in the Industrial areas of Chitungwiza 25 km away from the capital city Harare, R&D Holdings has undertaken numerous prestigious contracts throughout Zimbabwe, sub-Saharan Africa; including Zambia, Mozambique, Democratic Republic of Congo. Through its work, the company's reputation has been built on its reliability, flexibility and fast response times.

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Managing Director



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​He founded the company in 1992 and has gradually grown it from carrying out small jobs within Zimbabwe to securing contracts outside. He is a qualified Refractory mason with over 40 years’ experience in pyro-metallurgy and hydro-metallurgy lining industry. A registered member of the Institute of Refractory Engineers of South Africa, he has undertaken numerous assignments in Zimbabwe amongst them Bindura Nickel Corporation where he did his apprentice rising to Senior management .

He later went on to carry out contracts in Southern Africa reaching as far as Democratic Republic of Congo. Among the specialised works are design, bill of estimates, installation, repairs and maintenance to autoclaves, tap holes, ladles, kilns, rotary furnaces, arc furnaces, cyclonic burners, and acid proofing of floors amongst a vast range of refractory services and civil works construction.

At Refractory & Design, Edward is challenged with managing the manufacturing and services portfolios of the company. Among his duties are, liaising with clients to identify and meet their needs in regards to design, carrying out bill of quantities, installation, repairs and maintenance of their refractories. He is burdened with ensuring that the right team is in place, motivating and leading the skilled workforce to ensure that the client and the company’s objectives are successfully achieved in the specified time line. As the leader, he is hands on deck and supervises all refractory work thereby ensuring quality. He is involved in the commissioning of all refractory installation and civil works. Going in to the future, Edward seeks to grow the company beyond our borders and ensure that it is ISO certified.

Tatenda is a director (finance & admin) with an understanding of a multi-faceted business operation having experience from the banking and fiscal (taxation and customs) environments for over 10 years. Tatenda graduated with Bachelor of Commerce Honours Degree in Economics and is also a holder of the Masters Degree in Business Intelligence. He is also a keen darts player.

Going in to the future he hopes to enhance the business by strictly adhering to national and international standards, i.e. by ensuring the business promotes sustainable management of natural resources and protection of the environment.


Our Motto

"To be the preferred refractory supplier and service provider within Zimbabwe and Southern Africa"

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