• We promote the use of tied contour rain water harvesting (TC-RWH) technology in maize, small grains and selected legume production for improved household food security, nutrition and income in semi-arid smallholder farming areas of Buhera and Mwenezi, Zimbabwe.

  • We train farmers in making TC-RWH system, good agronomic practices and post-harvest management.

  • Training in Value chains and value addition.

  • Business incubation and value addition centers

Kaitano and Sohwe field day on 11 April 2019, visit our facebook, instagram and twitter for more. 

Prof Kay's vist to Kaitano, Mt Darwin field sites on 30th April 2019.


BUSE ENACTUS with the help of RUFORUM, won the first price on 

14th July 2019 and they are going for international competitions in Silicon Valley on 09 September 2019.

Harvesting rain water for small grains

  • To evaluate the use of TC-RWH technology on the productivity and yields of mazie, small grains and selected legumes in Buhera and Mwenezi smallholder farming areas.

  • To evaluate the potential for adoption with economic and social analysis including how women can be involved in both establishing and using the TC-RWH.

  • To train 6 000 smallholder farmers, particularly women, and the youths, in making and using TC-RWH system,  improved agronomic practices  which can be applied to various crops and in postharvest management.

  • To train 500 smallholder farmers in a gender lens driven value addition, marketing and financial management of crops grown under TC-RWH, in Buhera and Mwenezi smallholder farming areas.

  • To create 2 business incubations/ value addition centres in in Buhera and Mwenezi smallholder farming areas.

  • To determine the demand of different value addition products and to carry-out an economic analysis of the different value addition products.

Combating Climate Change,