This action augments the many efforts that are on-going in Africa to enhance agricultural research and to improve the capacity of smallholder farmers to adapt to climate change. Considering that many smallholder farmers in Zimbabwe are located in semi-arid areas where rainfall is low, erratic and unreliable. It is therefore imperative to investigate the options to increase water productivity and water use efficiency in rain-fed semi-arid farming system with the aim of improving crop productivity. Climate change has resulted in most smallholder farmers failing to get any meaningful crop yields, being food insecure and in poverty. The situation has been worsened by lack of proper agricultural skills and employment opportunities. To address these challenges, we will promote the use of the tied contour water rain harvesting TC-RWH) system to improve crop production and increase crop yields in semi-arid regions of Buhera and Mwenezi, Zimbabwe. We will carry-out on farm research to determine region specific crop performance and yield data for the various small grains and cereals under TC-RWH, integrated nutrient management and crop intensification.


Name of Principal Investigator/Team Leader and institutional affiliation with full addresses

Professor George Nyamadzawo

Dept. of Environmental Science
Faculty of Agriculture and Environmental Science
Bindura University of Science Education
P. Bag 1020

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Prof G. Nyamadzawo: +263 777 895 395,

                                    : +263 716 137 170

Email: gnyama@yahoo.com

         : bindura.ruforum@gmail.com

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